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English (United Kingdom)

Improving Quality of Life with the Internet of Everything

Year: 2017
Type of Publication: In Collection
Publisher: Springer
Editor: J. M. Batalia, G. Mastorakis, C. X. Mavromoustakis and E. Pallis
Pages: 377-408
The advent of the Internet of Everything, where things and data providers can connect not only to other things and data providers, but to human entities as well, and are enriched with intelligence, calls for sophisticated data handling, storing, and sharing mechanisms. In this chapter, we present an ecosystem built over the idea of Internet of Everything and featuring a collaborative, intelligent service bus, which gathers information from connected devices and uses it to improve quality of life. All aspects related to data collection, processing, protection of privacy, as well as collaboration between users and interfacing between humans and devices are addressed, while mechanisms supporting decision making towards health related goals are presented.