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English (United Kingdom)

Presenting evaluation results from the usage of the inCASA Remote Healthcare Monitoring Platform

Year: 2013
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: telehealth, telecare, multi-level support, frailty, integration
Journal: International Journal of Integrated Care Volume: 13
ISSN: 1568-4156
Conference abstract, London 2013
This paper describes the interim evaluation analysis undertaken by two of five inCASA project pilot sites. inCASA is an EU co-funded pilot project which aims at developing an integrated health and social service model supported by innovative technology solutions to enable an ageing and frail population to stay well in their own homes for longer. The aim of the UK pilot located in Chorleywood, West Hertfordshire has been to bring together primary and social care in order to improve referral, sharing of information and identification of those patients in need. Similarly, the main objective of the Konstantopouleio General Hospital of Nea Ionia Greek pilot in the inCASA project is to develop an integrated healthcare service for patients suffering from Heart Failure.