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English (United Kingdom)

Handheld terminal vs. bodyworn antenna systems: A comparative study of MIMO systems performance

Year: 2009
Type of Publication: In Proceedings Keywords: Biological tissues , Channel capacity , Covariance matrix , Handheld computers , MIMO , Microstrip antenna arrays , Microstrip antennas , Receiving antennas , System performance , Transmitting antennas
Book title: IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop on Wireless Sensing, Local Positioning, and RFID (IMWS 2009)
Pages: 1-4
Month: 24-25 September
In this paper a comparative study of MIMO systems performance is presented by investigating a bodyworn antenna system and a handheld terminal system, taking into account the presence of the user's body. The effects of the correlation coefficient, the radiation efficiency and the number of receiving antennas on MIMO channel capacity are addressed. Extensive study is carried out to examine how these three parameters influence the performance of the two MIMO systems under study, in order to be able to select between a handheld multiple antennas terminal and a bodyworn multiple antennas system for a MIMO system implementation.