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English (United Kingdom)

Performance Evaluation of Adaptation Functions in the ATM Environment

Year: 1994
Type of Publication: Article
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Communications Volume: 42
Number: 6 Pages: 2335-2344
Month: June
Also in IEEE Development and Applications of ATM: Selected Readings, Ed. M. Toy, (ISBN 0780323106), November 1996
The paper models and evaluates key design issues for the adaptation layer in ATM networks. The role and efficient design of the adaptation layer is crucial for future B-ISDN based on ATM. We concentrate on packet-mode adaptation services analyzing and simulating relevant protocols employed for narrowband ISDN signaling and packet data. Processing and transmission resources are modeled. In particular we investigate the performance of software based solution resident in microprocessors and interfaces to the ATM world via a generic interface component. This set-up which is currently under development is found adequate to handle narrowband ISDN signaling and data traffic. It offers a cost effective and readily-available solution for the transition phase towards fully customized broadband components