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English (United Kingdom)

Capacity of WCDMA of WCDMA multicellular networks under different radio resource management strategies

Year: 2008
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Book title: CD-Rom Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Wireless Pervasive Computing (ISWPC08)
Pages: 60-64
Month: May
The goal of the study presented in this paper is to investigate the performance of a WCDMA multicellular network which employs antenna arrays (AAs) at the base station (BS) under different Radio Resource Management (RRM) strategies. The performance is evaluated statistically in terms of maximum achievable capacity. A WCDMA system level simulator has been developed which executes independent Monte Carlo (MC) simulations in parallel. Simulation results indicate that there can be significant variations in capacity resulting from the differences in the interference suppression mechanism among the RRM strategies.