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English (United Kingdom)

EU/FP6–2002–Aero–1, External EMC Simulation for Radio Electric Systems in the Close Environment of the Airport (SIRENA, FP6–AST3–CT–2003–502817)

Κατάσταση: Ολοκληρωμένο  
Εκκίνηση: 2003-12-01 Λήξη: 2005-11-30

SIRENA project addressed the strategic research area: “Strengthening the Aeronautical Industry competitiveness” in the domains of action: New Aircraft Concepts and Aircraft Environment.
The overall objectives pursued during the project were: 1) to evaluate accurately the impact of the EM and 2) to address safety and security issues in order to recommend for immune emitters and give advice for the EM airport environment.
NTUA’s main contribution was the development of software modules for modeling and displaying EM sources’ 3D radiation patterns and data integration (EM radiation patterns and material properties) with the SPECRAY EM-FERMAT UTD/PO simulation kernels.