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Κατάσταση: Ολοκληρωμένο  
Εκκίνηση: 1998-06-01 Λήξη: 2000-05-30

The NOTE project targets the market of the nomadic executives by providing the total turn-key solution for virtual office presence. It is intended for people who need quick access to information, without the luxurity of their office, but with the required functionality for carrying out their everyday tasks. NOTE intends to implement an intelligent computing system that will enable the nomadic user to access network services and productivity applications (usually found in his personal home base computing environment), using an intuitive and extensible user interface. This "intelligent briefcase" - as we prefer to call this system - relies on a mixture of technologies to provide the nomadic user with the required mobility functions in order to be able to effectively operate even in non-standard office conditions.

Technologies that will be employed for the realisation of these services include:

  • a compact architecture;
  • wireless access subsystems;
  • platform middleware (hardware drivers, communication protocols, intelligent agents);
  • network services and system applications.