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Κατάσταση: Ολοκληρωμένο  
Εκκίνηση: 2010-09-01 Λήξη: 2013-02-28

DEMONS (DEcentralized, cooperative, and privacy-preserving MONitoring for Trustworthiness) aims at addressing all the key aspects essential in monitoring approaches for the Future Internet. DEMONS' ultimate goal is to i) design a more scalable, flexible and autonomic monitoring infrastructure, ii) exploit monitoring intelligence distributed inside programmable traffic probes and mediating devices, iii) improve monitoring applications' performance, capability effectiveness (detection, reporting, and mitigation) and deployment easiness, iv) operating in compliance with the customers' privacy rights, and v) taking advantage of cross-domain cooperation mechanisms to permit improved defence against global scale cooperative threats and operational failures.
DEMONS envisions building a novel cooperative network monitoring and mitigation system based on a completely decentralized, application-aware, privacy-preserving, multi-jurisdictional monitoring infrastructure. Such an infrastructure will provide the detection, reporting and mitigation mechanisms needed to combat not only today's threats, but also those of tomorrow. DEMONS aims to realize this infrastructure by applying novel distributed systems technologies and leveraging their native scalability and fault tolerance characteristics. In doing this, DEMONS puts special emphasis on privacy, trust and legal issues arising from collecting and exporting data across operator domains and across multiple jurisdictions.