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English (United Kingdom)

On-body channel modelling: Measurements and statistical analysis

Έτος: 2010
Τύπος δημοσίευσης: Συνέδριο
Book title: 2010 Loughborough Antennas and Propagation Conference (LAPC)
Pages: 201 - 204
Month: 8-9 November
Loughborough, UK
This paper investigates the propagation phenomena and the fading experienced by on-body channels at 2.45 GHz, focusing on the effect of the human body. This investigation is based on signal measurements conducted for both stationary and mobile user cases using bodyworn antennas placed in various positions on the human body. The effect of the antenna location and the human body movement on the fading characteristics of the on-body channels is extensively studied through statistical analysis of the measurement data.