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English (United Kingdom)

A Multiservice User Descriptive Traffic Source Model

Έτος: 1996
Τύπος δημοσίευσης: Περιοδικό
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Communications Volume: 44
Number: 10 Pages: 1243-1246
Month: October
The asynchronous transfer mode (ATM)-based broadband integrated services digital network (B-ISDN) dominates the research interest in telecommunications. Traffic and network modeling are the techniques used for performance evaluation and assessment of B-ISDN design alternatives and planning. The specific nature of the ATM technique requires new approaches for traffic modeling. Selecting appropriate traffic source models is an important issue, since it is closely related to the successful design and efficient performance of the networks to be built in the future. The source (multilevel, multiservice structured Markovian) model presented provides a simple way for characterizing the behavior of a telecommunication user recognizing the multilevel discipline of a telecommunication session. The traffic model is general enough to fit a variety of different services by appropriately varying the values of the parameters defining it, but also it is simple enough because it is described by a small number of parameters and the defining parameters make a good intuitive sense by being closely related to actual physical quantities